Motel 6
3704 Vanrick Dr
Kalamazoo, MI

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6/19/14 Found a bedbug at 330 am, got up and grabbed everything thata was near the bed, and actually took the bug to the front desk to ask for a refund. Then the guy on duty only wanted to refund us for one night because we had already stayed part of the night.

i stayed approx one week at the varnick motel 6 hotel and shortly after getting home i had an infestation of bed bugs. the room i stayed in was not cleaned at all and i had to coherce the cleaning people to pick up the old dead apple slicing off the bathroom floor. i've spent tons of dollars and gone to numerous doctors and even hired a dog sniffing and my bed bugs are back and now i have to move. this is set me back approxiately $2,000 with no one to help me. I'm on a disability and have a

limited income and have had to be physically prepared to deal with this infestation constantly and i'm am also extremely allergic to their bites. that hotel is disgusting and i hope no one ever goes there, it's dirty and who knows how many rooms it has spread to by now because i'm sure they never will take care of the problem there.

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add room 237 to the list!!

July 21, 2013
Room # 139
Room was clean never thought to check for bed bugs
next morning got up and had bites on both my legs didn't realize what they were till the next day. Notified the hotel they refunded my money. Will be checking from now on out all hotel/motels before I make a reservation.

Bed bugs in room 230...smh

Our family had been on the road for a good many hours, so we weren't being very careful with our accommodation selection. Since the price was very cheap, it was only natural not to expect too much from the motel. The room number was 150 and had the basics, working plumbing and cable, etc. We should have inspected the bedsheets, but we were too tired and fell asleep immediately. The next morning, I woke up to find bites all over my arms and legs. The others were thankfully fine, only I had an all

ergic reaction. While I admit that we should have been more wary, this is not an excuse for motels to skim on their cleaning duties.

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