Americas Best Value Inn
680 E 24th St
Holland, MI 49423-9105

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in room 119.

Was so tired that I didn't double check the bed. I didn't even listen to my daughter telling me she had bad vibes.

After the kids went to bed, I finally got around to laid down on the other bed. Immediately felt itchy. Saw bugs and called management. He smushed a moving bug and told me it wasn't a bug. Well, not anymore it's not! Then I was accused of making trouble and he asked the clerk to called the cops. I was given until the cops showed up to either make qui

et or leave.

Well, the kids are asleep, and I didn't have enough time to wake them up and shower them. Didn't want to move their infested bodies into my car, so I sat in the chair surfing the web on how to get rid of bugs until the sun came up.

We took hot showers, left our PJs behind, and checked out as soon as we could.

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On Friday the sixth, I booked a reservation for room 214 at America's Best Value Inn. While putting my toddler to bed, I noticed small and full size bedbugs coming from under the headboard which was affixed to the wall. The desk staff proceeded to give us a prompt refund. Sadly, to prevent the spread of these bedbugs, we were forced to get rid of everything that could not be hot washed.
The staff person seemed very proactive about making calls and reporting this as well, including taking some

kind of chemical upstairs to treat the room.

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