Country Inn & Suites
5399 28th St Se
Grand Rapids, MI 49512-2072

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My family and I stayed at the hotel on June 9 2013. My daughter noticed a bug in the bed with her in the morning so my wife tried to catch it. She ended up crushing it and it soaked the sheet with my daughters blood. My daughter had a welt on her leg which eventually became a serious case of cellulitus over the next five days and required her to take antibiotics. I took the bug down to the front desk and was told the manager would contact me, but she never did. I eventually called the hotel

and was told that their people had checked the room and did not find any bugs. I was told that they were not going to do anything about it and that the bug I gave them must have come from another hotel. Just because they did not find anymore bugs does not mean they are not there. Also, even if there were no other bugs what about the eggs the bed bug we found could have laid, it was a full sized bed bug. So this hotel is just going to pretend nothing happened and the next people that stay in Room 200 will have bed bugs to deal with. The hotel manager never acknowledged what we went through or apologized.

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