Days Inn Grand Haven
1500 S Beacon Blvd
Grand Haven, MI

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On August 2014-
I checked into hotel & was assigned a room in the rear of hotel, due to being the last room.
The Management offered the room at a discount rate due to the plumbing in the shower did not work-it was scheduled to be repaired the next morning & because it was late (11:00 pm), I elected to take room and leave in morning to settle in with family at their home.
Once I arrived in room...I immediately placed my luggage on table near front door...started to work off the bed w/ computer

& noticed a large insect crawling on bed was as large as my pinky finger nail...walking solo...
I immediately, killed bug, took photo & researched off internet to confirm it was a bed bug. I immediately left room w/ luggage, went to management and asked what they would do over this issue..they elected to credit room & offer another room in main building (thought they had sold all those out.?)..I elected to not stay in hotel, but slept in my car on secured parking lot & left in morning to go to my family home.
Was a very horrible experience, alone, & it has devastated me date, I will not stay in a hotel/motel, whether prefer the added expense of a nightly furnished rentals w/ highly respected property management company.

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We stayed in this hotel for 2 nights in November of 2014 and I went home with several bed bug bites on my arms, legs and neck.

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