Hampton Inn Gaylord
230 Dickerson Rd
Gaylord, MI

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Stayed here on 12/5/24 and checked for any signs of bed bugs,and did not see anything obvious. Checked out the next morning at 630 am and on the 7 hour drive home my 3 yr old daughter said she was itchy on the back of her legs and buttocks. When we got home i stripped her down to give her a bath and saw 6-7 inflammed ted botes on her. I am freaking out. Did not,bring any luggage in the house yet and am trying to,figure out what to,do. Im,convinced she was bitten by bed bugs. She had no marks,ot

bites prior to thos saty at the hampton in gaylord. Very very stressed out and worrying.

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Checked in tonight (8-4-2012), looked pulled the sheets back from the corners of the mattresses. Didn't see any evidence like small streaks of blood that I was always told and read to look for. But, did find a live bedbug. Went and told the front desk clerk who handled the situation very well. He said that each room is checked professionally at least monthly. So, this is possibly just an isolated incidence, maybe a bug left behind by the last occupant. Nonetheless, we are making the 7 hour drive

home now, at 11:00 pm!

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