Marv Herzog Hotel
501 S Main St
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

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Rented 2 attached rooms for 8 girlfriends get-away on May 5, 2012. Upon entering rooms we lifted corner of sheets & mattress covers off to look for blood/poop spots & looked behind mattress for bugs & casings. Nothing seen until 4 pillows moved. We found LIVE adult bedbugs on pillows in both rooms & in between mattress & box springs in one room, 5 total. The others were oblivious to bedbugs, as I have been exposed, bitten & educated myself, never bringing them home.

We all loaded up gear & we

nt down to front desk with a coffee cup & 2 live bedbugs inside. The female desk clerk immediately disappeared saying nothing? She then proceded to denigh & argue with me that we're not bedbugs but River Beetles? Ha-when they insulted my intelligence I let loose with my knowledge. I wanted to leave & wanted a refund which the desk clerk was not happy & balking. Since I was with 8 women with no knowledge on bedbugs, I didn't want to cause a scene. We were given new rooms, which seemed fine after our inspection. We all stayed in lobby partying together most of the evening. The manager came in (probably called in to look at the bugs we found) & nothing was said to us about the incident. I had all of my belongings sealed in a huge ziplock baggie including my purse in the bathroom overnight. I ask all women to let anyone know if bites appeared in several days. Sadly I did not go into detail with women on how to prevent from bringing home. I'm just hoping my friend that rode with me had none hitchhike on any of her belongings in my car, she left her purse on the floor overnight-ugh!

Nothing was said or no explanation offered, no comps when we checked out. I will keep you updated if anyone was bitten?

People educate yourself on these pests, learn how to prevent the epedemic!

I do not feel the hotel handled this right by arguing with us?

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