Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Lodge
1 Covered Bridge Ln
Frankenmuth, MI

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Greetings! I understand from the FAQ section of the bed bug registry that I can post a statement here to assist guests in understanding what we are doing to address bed bugs when they may show up.

We at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, Michigan have worked proactively with Rose Exterminator with an ongoing contract for other kinds of bugs for 25 years. We have done this consistently year round for 25 years. As soon as the bed bug situation hit North America we began addressing optio

ns with them on this particular bug. How do bed bugs get into a hotel? As you may already know, bed bugs travel with people, via their luggage and on their clothing. I noticed that about 100 hotels are now on the bed bug registry site in Michigan alone. The Health Department informed us several years ago that bed bugs are predominantly being found in apartments, department stores, public transit and even movie theater seating. That said, the key is what are WE doing about it at Bavarian Inn Lodge?

We were one of the first Michigan hotels to bring in a bed-bug sniffing dogs to inspect the hotel. It is a very effective approach. Whenever we have found even ONE bed bug, which is rare, we have spent the $1,100 investment to heat treat that room. (Taking the room to 120 degrees for over six hours.) There are 15 managers and supervisors trained to look for them and all housekeeping have seen a presentation, by our exterminating company on how to also watch for them. The heat treatment is the best known way to kill the bugs, their young, larvae and even the eggs.

So, I am very comfortable and confident that an “infestation” – meaning numerous bugs at once won’t happen here. But I am also very confident that the likelihood of finding ONE bug is also bleak. We are aggressive in this area!

Jim Engel, G.M.
Bavarian Inn Lodge

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I was staying in room 1335 July 1 and 2. I was awakened at 430 in the morning by intense itching. I had three bites on my arm. We went to the front desk and they put us in another room and ran our clothes thru the dryer. They searched the room and treated it but said they didn't find any bed bugs. My son and I had new bites appear on Sunday. They gave us a 100 dollar gift certificate, but 2 nights in the room cost over 400. Today is the fourth of July and I had to spend it at the laundromat bef

ore I could bring my clothes home. They were very nice, but they were in denial of what the bites were. They were sold out for Sunday night....I feel sorry for whoever stayed in 1333 and 1335.

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Bought a room during the Beer Expo, 21 May 2011, and searched my bed before going to sleep. I found a bedbug under my pillow. Manager, housekeeping manager and another person came to the room and confirmed it to be a bedbug. They gave us a full refund without any issues. They were very nice and apologetic.

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