Sleep Inn Airport
2325 Austin Pky
Flint, MI 48507-1364

Found 2 reports:

2/4/12 - woke up after staying in this flea bag hotel covered in bites all over my hands, back, and feet. The manager was not there, the girl Crystal behind the counter saw all the bites and conceded that they were most likely bed bugs - we went to the room and saw something jump off the bed. She called the manager - Drew who stated I would have to deal with him on Monday. I have pics to prove what happened.

I stayed at this hotel on september 15, 2010. About three days after my stay, I noticed about twenty bites all over my arms, hands and torso. Through research, I deducted that they were bed bug bites. This is the only time I have stayed in a residence that was not my own for almost 6 months and almost a month after leaving the hotel, I have not experienced these bites again. I am positive that they would not have come from any other location. I contacted the 1-800 customer service number, reques

ted that the manager send an exterminator out to investigate my complaint, and they informed me that the complaint would be forwarded to the manager and the manager would contact me within 72 hours. After almost a week of not hearing from the manager, I called again and this time, I directly called the hotel. After almost another week of not hearing from the manager, and two messages that were left for him, I finally got through almost two weeks later. He informed me that I was wrong and he did not have bed bugs. When I asked to see the exterminator report, he informed me that he refused toi call one because I am the only one that has complained. In addition, he also told me that the room has been CONSTANTLY occupied since I left, regardless of my complaints. Because he would not investigate this claim to dispute my accusations, I have no choice to believe that I am right. In addition to my experience, my husband also stayed in the same room with me and, dispite the fact that we live in separate residences, he also had about 15 bites after checking out. When the manager told me that they must have come from somewhere else, my husband's incidence convinced me that he was wrong.

Do not stay at this hotel because the manager is negligent and will deny the incident; he was very rude. He wouldn't even refund my room charge to help compensate for the $90 mattress encasement that I had to buy in case I brought any bugs home.

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