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East Lansing, MI

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August 15 - 16, 2012
I just back from campus that evening and was watching television, when I noticed a small bug crawling on the comforter of one of the beds. I told the clerk but, he tried to say i might have mistaken it as a different bug. He offered to change, but I decided to stay in the room since I thought the bug was too big to be bed bug. However, the next morning I woke and got out of my bed with a dead bed bug in the bed with me. The bug was squished and blood was on the bed so I too

k a picture of it and showed the clerk. The clerk changed my room and refunded me for the previous night. I didn't hear about any problems like this in reviews so this might have just recently happened. Either way it goes this is not something I want to happen to anybody else.

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