Residence Inn by Marriott East Lansing
1600 E Grand River Ave
East Lansing, MI 48823

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My husband had stayed at this Motel on one previous a Independent, Guest Suites and was moved from one room to another, due to a problem with the room (he was never told what the problem was).On his next visit of 9/7/10, he awoke the next morning and lifted the mattress pad to find 3 bed bugs which he captured and put in a was engored with blood...needless to say, he packed his bags, brought the evidence to the desk and checked out ahead of his scheduled date. The

kicker here is that this room he stayed in on the second trip was the same room he initially was in where they moved him from on his previous visit to this hotel. I will now have to santize all his clothes upon return and be sure to leave his luggage some where hot so as to not bring anything into my very clean (bug free) house!!!!!!

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