Leland House
400 Bagley St
Detroit, MI 48226-1303

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I buy 91 percent alcohol three bottles 32 fl oz which is 3.99 a bottle+++ they claim it isbonly my apt and one otger with them but that's a lie because everyone complains that I ran into also the matienance men act like I am the one who brought them as if I ever even seen a bb until I came here I have been bitten and no one told me nor. Warned me upon bringing brand new furniture that is now 1500 down the drain because I will not take it out of here I have been here a few months and is looking g

or something new already. I cannot do this I wasn't raised in these conditions also my first day here I caught a roach I video tape incidents as often as I can and I keep evidence as odd as that sounds but given the way the workers try and make it seem like nothing is wrong I keep notes. I was told to call often so they can come steam my apt everyday but where do I receive my peace I do not want these men inside my apt everyday that I live here. There has to be a law against landlords that does nothing about this problem like can I get my money back for clothes that are tainted furniture that useless? Shouldn't the landlord assume some of the bill? I spend so much on prevenatives that I can pay 180a month minimum to keep me from being bit as much but I still catch them crawling around ugh disgusting

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this building is loaded with bugs :( it is partially a hotel but mostly apartments.
maintenance and managment spray the building regularly but then track them by leaving their clothing and whatnot out in the hallways of the building. And wear the same clothing and shoes in apartments that are infected that they wear doing other maintenance jobs. There are many vacant old rooms full of junk on every floor which make it nearly impossible to keep them away. I continually spray and launder everythi

ng but they always come back. They put peoples belongings that move out that have bugs in our trash rooms to sit until a week later someone feels like taking it out. This place is crawling with them and unfortunatly some people are too embarassed to say that they have them which makes the problem worse. And if this didnt convince you not to stay here, there are various species of roaches living here as well.

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