Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Detroit-Downtown
1020 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI

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Woke up with bed bug bites and looked around the room to find them crawling in and out of pillow cases on the bed next to me. I have over a dozen bites, the management was very nice but it was obvious it wasn't the first time it happened. On the way to the airport, there was one clinging onto my brand new coat. I threw the coat out mid drive at a gas station. By the size of these bed bugs they look like breeders and had obviously been living a happy life there for QUITE awhile. 15th floor.

I stayed at this hotel on oct.18th and 19th. I got eaten alive by bedbugs. Was scared to bring the. I through out most of my stuff when I got home..horrible experience. Stay away.

April 17,2015 my family and I were in Detroit for the weekend. We were given a room on the 7th floor, we saw 1 bed bug....we didn't stick around to find any more! They guaranteed me the room would be treated. I hope that is true! The gentleman that was the manager that evening told me "unfortunately these thing happen" I disagree, this should never happen. We were reimbursed our room fee , and we went to the Marriott, which was very clean and extremely accommodating.

I just want to give the ALL-CLEAR to this hotel! We stayed there 10/6/2012 fearfully, but prepared to do a thorough check of the room. We were greeted by a wonderfully friendly staff, and our room was beautiful! We went in and put our luggage in the bathtub; I put on my glasses and we got out the flashlights and started moving furniture. We found NO EVIDENCE OF BEDBUGS! By the time the front desk called the room to welcome us and inquire whether we were happy with our accommodations, we were abl


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My boyfriend and I arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Detroit late Friday night (July 26th), and woke up the next morning to find bedbugs crawling on the sheets and the pillows. I was horrified and disgusted! Contacted the front desk and they came up with a cup and collected 2 of the bedbugs. We received a refund for the room (but not the valet parking) and the manager sent us a certificate for a free nights stay in one of their suites. By Monday I began to notice many swollen red and in

credibly itchy welts all over my body (apparently bedbug bites can take up to 9 days to show up), and now, more than a week after our stay at this hotel, I am still suffering from the horrible itchy bedbug bites that just won’t go away and won’t stop itching. My boyfriend was bitten as well, but his bites were not a severe. This has been the worst hotel experience I have ever had! Will not be staying there again, not even with the certificate for a free nights stay.

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I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express-Downtown Detroit on 6/11/2011. I began to notice itchy, red welts the next day while exploring greektown with my husband. I was able to get into my Dr first thing the morning of the 13th. Within minutes of seeing me, my physician diagnosed me with a severe case of bed bug bites. I am covered with these horrible welts (face, neck, arms, back, legs.... EVERYWHERE). My husband also has some bites. However, his are much less severe. I contacted the hotel to explai

n my issue, and the manager assured me that Terminix inspected the room and found no infestation. But, he did offer to send me a certificate for a free nights stay. After reading other reviews I will not be returning to this location. I am miserable with these bites, and never want to have to deal with them again!!!! Seems as if this is a repetative issue. Too bad, it is nice and in a great location.

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I stayed at this Holiday Inn on 6/1/11, woke up the next moring my top arm area itching. I reported the itching and swelling to front desk attendant who took my name and telephone number down. By the end of the night my arm was twice it's normal size. I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with bug bites.
Manager has yet to call me to apologize for the incident.

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