Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
100 Renaissance Ctr
Detroit, MI

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17 June 2014
Was moved from my original room because I found cockroaches in the bathroom. They blamed it on recent renovations and I accepted their offer to move to a new room. Wish I'd stayed with the roaches!

2 days after my initial move I saw a bug crawling across the adjoining bed. I snapped a photo before squishing it, and maintenance confirmed it was a bed bug.

Detroit Renaissance Marriott has bedbugs. I was bite by a bedbug the night before my wedding (9/21/13-9/22/13) and the feedback from the hotel is unacceptable. Of course they did their "inspection", so they would not have to refund my money. I am not happy. No one should have to go through this, especially the day before their wedding. Unless you like bedbugs I suggest you pick another hotel.

This was in suites 6405 and 6506. I went to bed and shortly after my right shoulder was itching. I th

ought it was no big deal. Soon after my wrist started itching. I thought maybe there was a mosquito. I woke up the next morning and found the little critter crawling to the head board. The hotel has yet to refund me my money.

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I recently stayed at this hotel Oct. 11-15th, 2012. After the first night I noticed itchy bumps on my body which I thought were mosquito bites. Over the next 4 days more erupted. Now that I am home, I have over 30 bites all over my body. I just called the front desk and was told not to unpack my suitcase in my home and to put all of my belongings in the dryer. Unfortunately, I have silk items and other items that can't be put in the dryer. I am waiting for a call from management. This is very cl

ear to me they have a bedbug problem otherwise the person would have discounted what I said. Stay away from this hotel!!

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Bed bugs bit me in room 4410 between August 13-18 2012. Caught and killed on bug and reported and turned over to manager and staff and left clothes and luggage to be sanitized but my bags returned soiled as they were were when left but clothing wwere clean. Staff identified the specimen I mashed on wall next to head board as a Bed Bug and there were feces on back of head board that was attached to wall. ( Blackish blood dropletts)
The claims adjustor in Arkansas denied finding infestation by al

legedly a third party. The bites were very itchy so I sought relief after the bites turned purple below the epidermis and as prescribed a shot, pills and topical meds. I am presently weighing whether it will be benefical to sue .

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I was bit about 8 times (so far, some still emerging) in late July in a room on the 24th floor. Unfortunately I did not realize at the time what it was. I thought it was mosquito bites as I had spent a lot of time by the river and in that adjacent harbor/state park at dusk.

I was at the hotel and woke up with a great deal of bites on my legs! I will never stay here again!

was bit 5 times in the neck and 6 times under my shoulder blade at this hotel last week. i didn't realize it until the next day, but a few hours after checking out i noticed hard, apinful itchy bumps on my neck and back. i will be sending an email to the hotel this afternoon.

Bed bit me over 40 times in room 4202. The hotel had a service come in, confirmed they were bedbugs and exterminated the rooms next to, above, and below the rooms.

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