Corktown Inn
1331 Trumbull St
Detroit, MI 48216

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Stay here on December 30 thur January 2,2015. Left here with several bed bug bites. Not happy stayed in Room# 214. Never again I hope with being under new management they get this under control.

May 2014 checked in the cork town inn I had heard some rooms had a bed bug problem I can't tell tho it seams every room does I got settled in and decided to do ths usual room check and go figure I slid up the mattress a little and 4 HUGE bed bug went running my advice never go there!! I had the same experience with I was liying there was no problem and no refund!!

Was there on 12/31/12-1/2/13 checked room & bed but seen nothing. But when I was about to take a show notice something on the wall very small spot. So I took some paper & wipe it. When I did that it popped with a lot of blood it was a bed bug. So we changed room check that room same thing seen notthing so we stayed woke upup with to big bite marks. Thanks goodness I didn't bringbring my bags inside. Just what I needed.

We stayed here since I live a few hours away and needed some sleep before I drove home in the morning. This was on August 10, 2012. My boyfriend was up while I was sleeping and found a HUGE bed bug crawling up the comforter. We had searched the room before we went to sleep. So we turned the light on in time to see another one on the wall crawling behind a picture. Disgusting. We immediately checked all of our stuff and left. We went to the front desk to tell them and they just said no..

.as in no there are no bed bugs. It was crawling towards our faces, don't tell me no..and then refused to give us our money back and told us to stop talking since they were trying to get other customers in. We had stayed here once before and soon after my boyfriend had a bed bug infestation at his house. Do NOT stay here.

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On August 9th I was staying here in this pretty shady looking Hotel. The moniker says "A fine Hotel", I wouldn't go that far, but the rate was cheap (60 bucks) so I tried it out. When we got in to the room I was suspicious of what looked like Bed Bug traces (droppings and such). I searched the bed and all over so I didn't see anything but I've had bed bugs before so I was paranoid. I woke up randomly in the night and there it was, one of the largest bed bugs I've ever seen, soI killed it. I then

checked, and proceeded to pack my stuff and went down stairs to complain. That's when the lady at the front literally told me "No, Stop talking." After I told her about the incident. I didn't get my money back, I didn't get anything but insulting and then she just walked away. I would recommend this place for any reason...the bed bugs just take the cake.

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