Hyatt Regency Dearborn
600 Town Center Dr
Dearborn, MI

Found 7 reports:

I went to this hotel Oct. 2011. The hotel was very clean, and we did not see any bedbugs. Did not get bit and did not take any bed bugs with me at home.

I stayed in this hotel on 1/27/11 on the 10th floor. I checked the beds for markings of bed bugs before I unpacked or anything. I did not see any signs of bedbugs on the sheets or the mattresses. I did not wake up with any bites or any problems of any kind. My stay here was quite pleasant and the room clean.

My hustand and I stayed at Dearborn's Hyatt Regency on 12/17 & 12/18. We travel often for work and pleasure, so we know to check the bed for bed bugs, feces, or scales. There was no evidence of bed bugs on the sheets, mattress or bed springs. We did not get any bites. We were on the 7th floor. The hotel was very clean. Not the best Hyatt Regency, but clean and acceptable.

Had three bites on wrist, one on shoulder, and four on neck after sleeping in the bed for several hours. I contacted the front desk and the housekeeping manager moved me himself. The new room (different floor) does not seem to have any problem. I also though doubt the veracity of one of these other reports as I think it is difficult to 'see' bed bugs, especially finding one on the carpet?
Hope this helps.

I am questioning whether the two above reports are true.
My child will be staying at this hotel next week and I'm concerned. But the reports seem "fake" somehow, and the other hotels nearby have no reports.
I tried calling the hotel but they are asking the customers to email them...can anyone comment??

Bedbug bites all over my neck and torso. Made the mistake of sitting on the floor next to the space heater. (Room freezing...they didn't turn heat on...have been suffering evr since.

I awoke when I felt something on my neck. I scratched and turned on the light and there was a bedbug next to me on the sheet. I captured it in a glass to show the hotel staff. Looking around I found a few dead ones. After falling asleep for a couple hours I woke up again and found one next to me again. All totaled, I found about 5 with a few dead ones on the carpet. In the morning I smashed the one I had in a glass and it was full of blood. Needless to say, I didn't sleep too well.

No nearby bug reports