Fairfield Inn Bay City
4105 E Wilder Rd
Bay City, MI 48706-2240

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My whole family, plus my girlfriend and I just stayed at the Fairfield Inn Bay City on June 1st for a family funeral. We had a total of 5 rooms booked. The morning of June 2nd, my girlfriend and I both woke up with over 20 bed bug bites each. Out of the 5 rooms we rented, our room was the only one to be affected.

When we informed the staff of the issue, they assured us "there is no way it was bed bugs." They are completely wrong! My girlfriend dealt with an infestation at her old apartment c

omplex 2 years ago, so we know exactly what bed bug bites look and feel like!! If we didn't have to leave immediately for the funeral, I would have turned that room upside down to find some evidence of bed bugs to show them.

If you stay at this hotel, check your room
thoroughly for bed bugs!!

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The report of bed bugs at this location is false. The property was inspected on 4/21/08 by our outside pest elimination company which is done on a monthly basis. The property was found to have no pest activity, no structural concerns and no sanitaion issues. No guest complaints came in to us on 4/28/08 or around those dates or they would have been reported to our outside pest elimination company. The next inspection was on 5/19/08 which also there were no pest activity found. We would like t

o send a copy of this report to this web site so we may be removed from this registry. Please advise where we may send this documentaion too. Thank you

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During the weekend of April 29, 2008, a woman woke up at this hotel with 10 bug bites. Her friends that were with her also had been bitten. A report was made May 7, 2008 according to the local newspaper.

My husband and I, along with another couple stayed in room 317 the weekend of April 29, 2008. I am so afraid of bed bugs from two prior experiences, I pulled the sheets up and looked for bugs, and found nothing. However, Sunday night, like clockwork (I always fall under the delayed reaction type) I developed about 10 bites. My friends also experienced bites themselves. Fortunately my husband is not allergic to their bites, and did not have to deal with the itching, just my complaining. We a

re still on the lookout for bed bugs in our house. The hotele was nice and comfortable, I just suggest you do not stay in 317 and you check your room before getting into bed.

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