Holiday Inn Express Suites Allen Park
3600 Enterprise Dr
Allen Park, MI 48101

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I checked into room #141 on 10/21/2015. Checked the mattress for signs of bed bugs and it looked clean. The following day returned to my room to find an adult bed bug on the white faux leather headboard. I took pictures of it, captured it in a cup and quickly got out of the room with my stuff. Brought the bed bug to the front desk and was told by the clerk that he had been there over a year and never had a bed bug complaint.

I demanded a new room and was given room #346. I went to the roo

m and inspected the headboard to find more bed bugs and their black scat dots just above where someone would rest their back while in bed. I took pictures and quickly vacated the room.

I told the clerk about their serious problem with bed bugs. He said he would have housekeeping look at it in the morning. I informed him that this problem would take more serious actions than housekeeping. It was late at night with no where else to go so I requested another room on the opposite end of the hotel. I was given room #329. I inspected the room closely and couldn't find any bugs or scat. I was very stressed and slept with lights on in my street clothes and only slept about 2 hours.

Next day, I inspected myself and found a small bite on my lower left leg. I changed clothes and went to the front desk to file a complaint and check out. It has now been five days since my ordeal and haven't received any follow-up by hotel management. I have had to discard many personal items and perform extensive cleaning steps on my clothes. I have wrapped my luggage in plastic bags and will most likely end up throwing them away.

Conclusion: This hotel has a bed bug problem and I have not received any communications regarding corrective actions. Stay at your own risk!

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