Embassy Suites Hotel Portland
1050 Westbrook St
Portland, ME 04102

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I've stayed in this Embassy Suites on two prior occasions. In fact, I make at least two trips a year to Portland - and this was my hotel of choice. Not anymore. From June 19th to the 24th, I stayed here with my elderly parents who stayed in the bedroom portion of the suite. I stayed in the living room. The first night, I opened up the hide-a-bed and found two little brown bugs. They were dead. The thought crossed my mind that these may be bed bugs, but I let it go. I shouldn't have because over

the next four days, bites started to appear on my legs, neck and arms. I initially thought they were mosquito bites - but I couldn't figure out how a mosquito could bite me on the inner thigh with pants on. By the fourth day, I couldn't sleep at night. I was dousing myself in calamine lotion and taking Benadryl to stop the itching. The fifth night, I woke up at 2 AM because I was itching all over. I was up for three hours until some more Benadryl could take effect. But once I laid down again and dozed off - I was itching again. Then I decided I should check the Internet and see what those bugs were I found the first day. They were definitely bedbugs and I had the bites all over my body to prove it! Once I checked out of this Embassy Suites and moved to another hotel, the bites stopped and eventually the itching subsided. I came home and left all of my belongings in the garage. I ended up putting all of my clothing in the freezer for two days. I won't use the suitcase again.

I just wished I had checked this registry before I spent five miserable days itching! I must also note the hotel denies they have any bedbugs, but I wouldn't take their word for it since they've been listed here before!

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The below letter was sent to the website host on 2/27/2013. As I have not had any reply to our letter I am posting the hotel's reply on the site in order to address this claim for other readers.

Maciej Ceglowski
Bed Bug Registry
[email protected]

Dear Maciej Ceglowski:
This letter is in regards to a recent post on your website made on Feb. 26th 2013 by an anonymous person using the handle ButterBoy. As a representative of the hotel I would like to offer the following:
Along w

ith safety of our guests, the cleanliness of our hotel is of the utmost importance and is always a focal point of our operations in order to continue providing guests with a great experience. Hotel guest rooms are cleaned regularly by trained staff. We are proud of our efforts in this area, which are reflected in the satisfaction and loyalty of returning guests to our hotel and our brand.

We certainly take any potential issues of this nature very seriously and have a very comprehensive training program and preventative maintenance program that is administered by the hotel. Unfortunately in this particular case there is no documentation at the hotel level of any such complaint and since the person who posted the statement did not offer any specifics regarding the date of their stay, the room number or name of personnel with whom they spoke it is extremely difficult to investigate the claim and therefore makes it very subjective. The supposed guest does not indicate that any bugs were even detected but came to the conclusion based on somewhat subjective evidence since no professionally trained personnel were given an opportunity to come in and validate the claim. Even by your websites own standards you strongly urge that visual verification be made prior to someone publishing a post which was not the case with this post. Without certain pertinent information it once again does not allow us to investigate the claim and if need be act to resolve it. This would seem counter-productive to what the site is all about, if a guest experienced something of this nature wouldn’t they want to provide that information in order to assist with the eradication of any nuisance and prevent others from sharing in the same experience. I see no way of how to determine whether this is a legitimate complaint or simply an attempt to slander or besmirch the hotel since there were so many specifics not given. As mentioned previously we take these sort of concerns very seriously and we would like the opportunity to address this supposed guests alleged claims however without the proper information we are unable to even consider it a legitimate complaint and unless we can be provided with the particular information needed to further our investigation we request that the post be removed until what time we have been provided the information necessary to fully investigate the claim.

We take seriously our commitment to providing 1st class accommodations to all of our guests. If provided with the necessary information we work diligently to resolve any guest concern that leads them to be less than satisfied with their stay.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and we look forward to your response.

Stacy O’Reilly
General Manager
[email protected]

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I had my in laws sharing a suite and did a quick inspection of the room only to find obvious signs of treatment (dust cover removed from boxspring) and numerous fecal spots along the seams...embarassing to say the least! At first I was told another room wasn't available and suddenly one became available as I grew persistent in my request. (I have a feeling someone else just got moved to that room) Manager first denied having any bedbug issues, only later to reveal that they did indeed have an is

sue which was supposedly treated. Ditch the fecal stained boxspring or at least encase it!!!!!I was told they were waiting for the "off season" to replace the boxspring which made no sense at all.

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