Howard Johnson
336 Odlin Rd
Bangor, ME

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My family and I went to Bangor Maine for Labor Day weekend 2012. We stayed at the Howard Johnson Motor Inn. We rented two separate rooms there. I believe it was room 204 and 206. My daughter and her boyfriend were staying in room 204 when my daughter started to get itchy pink bites all over her body. Our suspicions were confirmed when her boyfriend found a bedbug crawling on his tee-shirt while lying in bed. Honestly, I'm not 100% on the room numbers as the trip was a while ago. I didn't po

st this sooner because I didn't know this site existed.

The manager was actually accommodating once we showed her the bedbug. She apologized to us. Since the motel was fully booked she had a roll-a-way bed brought into our other hotel room and they reimbursed the fee for the entire room. I also showed the maid the bed bug and instructed her to be very careful when she went in the room. I observed the maintenance crew go into the room and start to take everything in the room apart. I was told that the motel was recently taken over by new management. I don't know if it was because of the remote location but in my opinion it appeared that the staff had no idea what they were were really dealing with, I hope to God that they had that room and the surrounding rooms professionally exterminated.

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We stayed at Howard Johnson in room number 212/208 last week.When we entered in the hotel stairs were stinking with all kinds of odor, all the hooks, switches , bathroom tab, knobs were broken. there is no bulb in 2 out of 3 lamps. 1st night we experienced some bug bytes but we ignore as we spend whole day in Acadia national park and were too tired, but 2nd night we could not sleep whole night. we called manager and showed him bug.
Here is his response " Thanks for letting me know."
He was not

bothered about it and his response was just like I know and I don't care.

Friends this is my first review in last 5 years, trust me, please spend 20-30 bucks extra but don't ever stay here. Most horrible motel I ever stayed in US.

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