Fairfield Inn-Augusta
14 Anthony Ave
Augusta, ME 04330-7881

Found 3 reports:

I have just returned from a 2-night stay at the Fairfield Inn and Suites Augusta, a Marriott hotel in Augusta, Maine. On my second night, I discovered bed bugs. I was sitting fully clothed on the bed and a little while later noticed bites on my forehead. I thought maybe they were late-season mosquito bites. I got into bed and felt something on my leg. Pulled back the sheets and found an adult bedbug biting me. I squished it and it was full of blood. I pulled back the sheets and found another bug

, smaller and paler crawling on the sheets. I captured it in a clear baggie and gave it to the front desk night staff. She was totally unhelpful. Did not offer anything at all, except to move me to another room. She was unaware of any protocol for bedbugs.

I was moved to another room, but did not do any decontamination before moving, so brought the bugs with me and ended up with bites on my arms and legs. I discovered that they had a washer and dryer in the hotel so used the dryer on my clothes, having to walk in the halls wrapped in towels because they have no robes at the hotel. When I asked them what to do about my luggage I was told they had a hotbox. So they hotboxed by suitcase.

I do not understand how a Marriott hotel could not have a bedbug protocol! I am in pain from the bites, and am going through an entire decontamination process at home because I don't trust the meager measures the hotel staff applied. They had no readiness for this, except they did have a hotbox, so I am not able to believe that this has never happened before, as they originally claimed.

The treatment I received from the hotel staff was unhelpful, unapologetic, reluctant, incomplete and totally unprepared. As I was leaving, the hotel manager apologized, but this was too little too late.

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so.. anyone can come on here and anonymously post a "bed bug" report? All the reports talk about "bites" but very little evidence. Anyone who pays attention to this tripe deserves to pay more for a room from the unscrupulous hotelier who dishes their competitor here!

Stayed at hotel Jan. 11th with my daughters.
10 days later I ended up with bites on arms, hands and stomach. Daughter had them on her stomach and legs.

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