Executive Inn & Suites
2901 Crain Hwy
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-8969

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I am repulsed by what I saw in my room when I walked in (room 32). I travel a lot and always do a bed bug inspection before I take my belongings inside. I inspected the bed. They had mattress pads that prevent bed bugs from escaping the mattress after the premises has been treated.(which I have no problem with). I looked at the ceiling and there were bugs all over the corners and some cracks in the ceiling. I collected 5 of these bugs and inspected them. I know them to be full grown bed bugs 1/

4 inch long approximately. Do not stay here. The room may appear clean when you walk in but clean doesn't mean bed bugs aren't there. I brought bed bugs home in my suitcase from another hotel and caught it early but it was a terrifying experience for me and my daughter who got very sick from the bugs because she was allergic to their bites.
I took the bugs to the attendant/owner who didn't even look at them and told me they were stink bugs. I know what stink bugs look like. He was very rude to me and told me not to put a bad report about his hotel on the internet. He was a total jerk.

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This was the second time from this place that I was bitten by bed bugs. I did not report the first one and it has been a couple of years. On June 21, 2014 I checked In room 68 it was a handicap room because that was all they had. I woke up at 1am to use the bathroom and I noticed I was itching I turned on the bathroom light and my left eye was swollen like something had bite me. I looked over my body and there were several bites on me. I went into the room turned on the light and there they were

crawling on my pillow the bed. I scoped up two of the bugs and put them into a cup to take to the front desk and checked out. he did give me my money back, but emotionally I am horrified and now I have to walk around with a swollen eye and bites all over me!

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