Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel
903 Dulaney Valley Rd
Towson, MD

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My family checked in on June 14th in this hotel as our son was participating in the State Special Olympic Games at Towson university. We stayed until Monday the 16th. I noticed I was itching on my arms and shoulders on Sunday morning but attributed it to being outside all day in the blistering heat and having prickly heat. The itching got worse as the day went on and again on Monday morning I was bumpy and itching. We left the Sheraton Monday morning and unfortunately did not know the reason

for my itching. It was not the heat, but bed bugs. We took the luggage home and I went through the clothes and items in our living room and washed the clothes. My itching subsided over the next week to 10 days and we thougnt nothing more about it. THEN....I began itching again and we couldn't figure it out until we realized that only I was effected, and that it was always worse in the morning. It turns out that the bedbugs had centered their colony in my recliner in our living room and after putting white sheets on the chairs with double-faced tape in strips across the arms and back we discovered the bed bugs. Apparently, they were biting me as I sat in the chair at night watching TV and I didn't even know it!! The bugs were multiplying and maturing over the two weeks we were home. When we discoverd them it resulted in a call to an exterminator, massive crevice cleaning of the whole house, moving everything away from the walls, taking down pictures and washing everything that was cloth; curtains, blankets, clothes, etc. in hot water and drying it on the hottest temperature. We have had to discard all three recliners in the living room (they have migrated to each chair over time), the carpet in the living room and all the pillows. After well over 100 loads of laundry our washing machine broke and had to be replaced, the drier went on the fritz, we had a $100 drycleaning bill and we have had to buy plastic containers and black trash bags to hold all the clothing outside until I could wash it and then back in bags again inside the house until everything was finished and we began trying to put our lives back together. So far, with the extermination, appliances, furniture, carpet, materials, kenneling the dog, and electric bill, we are over $4000 in expenses. The other issue is that after the first extermination, 12 days later we found another bed bug in the second recliner, so the exterminator came back and we threw that chair out and then 10 days after that we discovered another bedbug in the third and last recliner in the living room causing us to throw it and the carpet out as the expterminator came a third time within 30 days. We are now at day 9 since the last exptermination where I also had them treat the van that we rode in to and from Baltimore. We have not put anything except the wooden items back in the living room as we are fearful of the bed bugs still being there. My husband has a neuro-muscular type disease and the doctors do not want him in or around the treated areas for 2-3 weeks after a treatment, so needless to say since July 26th my husband has not spent one night at home. We certainly don't want to go back to a hotel anytime soon and are just thankful we have a relative's home available within 20 miles of our home where he can stay. It has been a real nightmare, emotionally traumatizing, physically exhausting, and maddening that we also can not get any recourse from the hotel since we did not prove we found them while there. I am very guarded about the whole situation and will not feel bed bug free until this time next year since the exterminator informed us that these bugs can live upto a year without feeding! I wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy!!

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Stayed 8/6/09 and 8/7/09 in room 923. First saw a strange-looking bug crawling on the sheets during early evening on the 6th, but didn't think much of it. We just caught it and flushed it down the toilet.

On the night of the 7th, my boyfriend felt something crawling on his toe and sure enough, it was a bug just like the one from the day before. This time, we put it in a water bottle and looked it up online. Sure enough, it was a bed bug. Within another half hour, we found another one on the s

heets and saved that one as well.

We called the front desk and asked to be moved since it was 3am and we just wanted to go to sleep. They said that they could move us to room 823 (directly below our old room!). We had them move us to room 602 instead and so far, we haven't seen any. We will be leaving promptly in the morning.

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