Super 8 Thurmont
300 Tippin Dr
Thurmont, MD

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A friend and I checked into the Super 8 on 9/19/14. My friend arrived at the hotel before I did and was put into a room on the 2nd floor that is technically non-smoking but the whole other end of the hall is smoking. She asked to change rooms due to the smoke smell in our room. We were moved to room 109. No issues with the room initially. But after climbing into bed (each of us in separate beds), we noticed bright red bugs (nymph stage of the bug was bright red from having just bitten us) c

limbing on our pillows and I found a spot of bright red on the bed sheet just under the edge of the pillow. A search turned up an adult bed bug on one of the other pillows and the cast off dead skins on the top of the cover around the electric outlet. (I have photos of what we found.) I carried the pillow with the red bug out to the front desk along with a photo from a bed bug site on my phone. The hotel was booked and the only other available room was the smoke smelling room that my friend was originally given. Given that it was 2:00 a.m. and it was 30 min to another hotel, we opted to thoroughly check out the other room and subsequently moved upstairs to that room. Needless to say, we did not sleep very well that night, but we did not have any issues with that room. We had to be out of the room early to go to an event but upon returning to the hotel, we decided that we needed to change hotels. The manager was gracious about offering to refund the charges for the room, apologized, and offered a discount to come back in the future. In hindsight, we only did a cursory check of the room because we were both quite tired from long days and neither of us really knew what we were looking for. Maybe it should have been a clue that the mattress and box spring on each bed were wrapped in plastic (the room upstairs did not have this). I had kept all of my bags up off the floor and off the bed (placed on the metal luggage rack and on the desk). Since I had known bug exposure, upon returning home all luggage and all items were quarantined and not brought into the house until we had a company with a bed bug dog come out 5 days later. The dog and his handler checked out our house (had been traveling with a dog and wasn't sure if the bed bugs could have come into our house on him), all of my suitcases and other travel stuff, and all 3 of our vehicles. The bed bug dog was $$$ but worth every cent for the peace of mind. The dog nor his handler did not find any evidence of live bed bugs. Thank goodness!

As much as I'd like to say that we ran into this problem because the Super 8 was a 'lower quality' hotel (vs the more expensive hotels) than I usually stay at, that has absolutely nothing to do with it. Bed bugs are infiltrating all levels of hotels and cost has nothing to do with it. Except for the bed bugs, I thought this was a very decent hotel. Nice amount of grass nearby for the dog, had a refrigerator and was otherwise clean and comfortable. The manager was pleasant and helpful.

This was my first (and unfortunately probably not last) experience with bed bugs. I am more confident now in where and what to look for when searching rooms in the future.

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Upon arrival, there was a mattress upend outside the hallway, which was our first clue of a bed big infestation. Three of our friends found the tell tale tiny blood spots, mumps that had been feeding and itchy bites.

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