Hilton Washington DC/Silver Spring
8727 Colesville Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3903

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I stayed in room 409 and then 207, and found bedbugs in both. :( Fortunately, I came to the hotel knowing that there may be issues, so I kept everything in the bathroom and in sealed plastic bags. Still, I'm going to wash everything I can in a hot washer and dryer when I get home. Everything I can't wash (including my suitcase) is going into a lawn and garden bag with anti-pest strips for a few weeks. Yuck.

Transported bed bugs from this hotel via luggage in May 2012 to my home in California. Stayed on the ninth floor in double queen room for 1-week of pharmaceutical industry meetings, and now have had to conduct a full, expensive heat treatment of my house. Please take all precautions when visiting this hotel. There are other warning signs regarding the cleanliness of this hotel. For example, our security guards on night duty reported rats in the basement and other warnings inspired me to keep

the luggage in the garage. However, a few months later, packing for a trip, I inadvertently left a piece of the luggage in the house which allowed for transfer of the bugs to our bedrooms.

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Stayed in Room 406 on 9/17/2012. Saw a bug crawling on me. Five days later I have welts and bites on my arms. What a nightmare this is turning into.

August 16, 2012
Just got up around midnight and found one in the bed. We were moved to another room immediately. Earlier in the evening, we called maintenance because the box spring was not sitting squarely on the base---now we know why!!!

Not comfortable in the new room, the gut who moved us said they have had problems

Room with bedbug was 409

found one in the bed in the morning moving around
Oct 4 2011

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