Comfort Inn Salisbury
2701 N Salisbury Blvd
Salisbury, MD

Found 2 reports:

Pamela April 12 2014
My husband and i checked in on Saturday the 12th and proceeded with our day with activities. We returned to our room at 2 am and went to sleep. 5 am i was woken up with multiple bites on my hip back n arm. We looked in bed and there was a refuse brown bug crawling. We immediately called front desk n got our stuff and mobey and checked out.

I checked in to this hotel on June 3, 2013. In the morning, June 4, 2013, I began noticing multiple bed bug bites on my arms, back, and hand. My job requires me to stay in hotels frequently. Unfortunately, I've been bitten before, though not at this location, so I know what bed bug bites look like/feel like. I had done a quick inspection of the bed, though not a thorough one, but did not notice any signs of bed bugs prior to going to sleep.

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