La Quinta Inn & Suites Baltimore North
4 Philadelphia Ct
Rosedale, MD 21237-4600

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We stay in this hotel during 8/31-9/1/2013. Around 1 am I got bitten by 3 spots on my left arm, 1 spot on my right leg. My wife found around 5-6 bed bugs on the wall and pillow. We end up killed total 8 bed bugs, one of them has lots of blood, I believe that was my blood.

We have 1 baby with 21 months and my wife is pregnant for 32 weeks, we were so worry and leave the hotel at 1:30am.

I drive 2 hours back home and wash all my clothes and make sure nothing on my clothes, luggage, and I sl

eep on my living room, because I do not want to spray bug back to my bedroom.

We receive the full refund. We are still working on the hotel management to see if we can get some reimbursement.

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Check in July 1, 2011 checked out July 2, 2011

Attending a family reunion, myself and three family members were occupying three separate rooms all on the same floor. Two out of the three found bed bugs. One family member found the critter at 1am and was moved to another room downstairs. I did not find the critter until 8:30 and after I was bitten numerous times on the arms and shoulders. The other family member did not find any.

We checked out that morning. All of our money was refu

nded. But we requested reimbursement for the luggage and were denied.

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