Sleep Inn Shady Grove
Two Research Ct, Rockville, Md 20850 (at Shady Grove Rd)
Rockville, MD

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Found a dead bedbug on the toilet as soon as I checked in. Took it to the front desk, the young woman working immediately changed my room and shut down that room, 231. Odds are they had taken care of a situation in that room prior to my arrival but I didn't want to take any chances. Very courteous and my new room was fine.

I stayed at this hotel April 20-23 in 2009. I do not remember the room number. I noticed a few bites on my arms during the first couple of days I was there and checked the mattress (I have encountered bedbugs in the past so I know what to look for) but didn't see anything. The last morning I was there I woke up with over a hundred bites all over my body. I looked again and found two bugs, one of which I squashed and the second of which I captured in a plastic bag to show the hotel staff. Upon re

turning home I brought the live bug to an expert entomologist at the Harvard School of Public Health and he confirmed that it was indeed a bedbug. The hotel staff were helpful and didn't charge for the last night at the hotel. Their insurance company then paid for my bedbug associated expenses - washing or dry cleaning all of my clothing, buying anti-itch ointments, and a co-pay for a visit to a doctor. Because the hotel staff were helpful and said they intend to deal with the problem, I do not wish to hurt their reputation. However, if a person knows they are sensitive to bedbug bites I recommend that they stay elsewhere. My bites cost me many nights of sleep and persisted for several months. The effect of the bites on my quality of life in those months was substantial, not to mention the fear that I might infest my own house, which luckily did not occur.

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