Plim Plaza Hotel
109 S Atlantic Ave
Ocean City, MD

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Multiple bedbugs found in our room and a very nonchalant response from management. They saw the bugs too! Said there was "nothing they could do" because they were sold out.

After the first night i noticed red bumps on my legs and they were itchy now by my last night which was 6 nights and 2 different rooms my entire front legs arms and chest are covered and the itching is horrible! The doctor gave me a rx to help but I am so embarrassed and it is ruining my time off before going back to work! I called the hotel and since I did not receive a call back I disputed the cost of stay with my financial institution. I never seen what a bed bug looked like but I am assumi

ng the bugs I seen that looked like tics must have been them!

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I have stayed here for years with no problems. But, Tis year was different......

I felt a bites on my legs. turned on the lights and looked in the covers and Did not see anything until the next morning. A bedbug crawled into an opening in the carpet. I Reported it and housekeeping stripped my bedding and put new linens on.

When I got home little red welts starting appearing.

Stayed in room 246 one night 8/25/12-8/26/12.
Mattress was covered with bed bugs.

We went for Labor Day weekend 2011 and the first morning I woke up I had a bug crawling up my arm. I simply removed it and threw it in the toilet. Then I started thinking may be that was a bed bug but the mattress showed no evidence of bugs. The next morning, I saw a bug crawling up the wall, I took pictures of it and then we went online to compare pictures. It was a bed bug, we then squished the next bug crawling up the wall and blood came out. We bagged up all our belongings in trash bags

and got out of their. Room 246 Plim Plaza

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