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We stayed at the Days Inn on 23rd Street & Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD the week ending August 24th. We noticed a bug on the sheets on two separate days. We didn't think much of it as they were single small bugs and thought they may have come in through the sliding door to the patio that we used quite often. Throughout our stay, I kept feeling like things were crawling on me. One morning I noticed three more bugs on the sheets and immediately called the front desk and asked to have someone come

to our room. Three gentlemen, one of which was the manager on duty that day, came to the room and overturned the mattress. The mattress was infested with bed bugs of all stages. There was also a two inch wide strip of what looked like black mold along the seam of the headboard end of the mattress that turned out to be molted shells and fecal droppings from the bugs. I was horrified that we had slept in such conditions! The manager informed us that the hotel would steam our luggage and clothing and reimbursed the entire cost of our stay. The staff was extremely nice and as helpful as possible under the circumstances. However I felt compelled to report my experience in this forum as I thought others should be aware and take precautions at this location.

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After the first night we saw blood streaks on sheets, didn't know why. Travelled all over the world in many hotels, motels etc. Never had bedbugs. The last day my child had bites all over. Looked in bed and found adult bedbugs, and different stages of development. caught them with tweezers and put in a ziploc bag. Manager refunded one night, gave us breakfast and put all of our stuff in a hotroom and steamed our car. But we still took everything to the laundromat and dried it

all for an hour. Hoping not to bring them home. We should have known something was up. When we arrived 2 hours after check in the room was still not ready. They said there was a late check out and they had to switch things out. I guess they were trying to treat the room, but it didn't work. The thing is though that I looked at the mattress edges when we got there and never saw anything. Of course I never saw bedbugs but figured if there were any bugs I'd know. We were in a suite by the pool. 3rd floor # S408

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We had our family reunion the first week of June 2012. The rooms were dirty and we awoke to bites on our arms and neck. After researching the bites, we found that we were exposed to bug bites. We will never stay there again. I am disappointed in the numerous reports of hotels that have bug bites. What a disappointment!

Checked into the Days Inn on 8/6/11. I inspected the beds by lifting the mattress and found bedbugs. I spoke to management who immediately moved us to a nice suite in another building. We checked those beds in that room and they were clean. We did stay and no one in our group had bites or saw any bedbugs in the new room. We were comped one night's stay. This was my first experience with bedbugs and it has freaked me out.

My son told me about this site after I told him my experie

nce. Wish I would have know before I booked. We stayed at this hotel for many years and this makes me never want to go back to the Days Inn in OC again.

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Checked into to the Days Inn on 7/16/11. Everything appeared clean when we checked in, went to bed that night and woke up the next morning and saw bed bugs of all different sizes and ages on the pillowcases, sheets, blanket and curtains next to the bed. I told the staff immediately and they moved us to a different room on a different floor. I didnt find any present in that room, however everyday I woke up scratching and seemed to have new bites. We were so miserable and disgusted we cut our vaca

tion short and went home. We go to Ocean City, MD every summer. This was our first time staying at the Days Inn on 23rd St. and definitely our last. They obviously know they have a problem and dont appear to be doing anything about it. This hotel is disgusting. They should be shut down by the board of health.

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was in town for Sunfest this year and stayed at the Days Inn... woke up 2 days in a row with bug bites that were not there when I went to sleep.

Will never stay in this hotel again.

I normally would not comment on these complaints but noticed the name of our company on one of the entries. First let me thank who ever it was that referred our company, we work diligently to remain your local Bed Bug expert :) Secondly let me say that the Bed Bug problem is fierce nation wide and no establishment is exempt from infestations but some uneducated personnel are just giving the wrong responses to tenants out of desperation. If an establishment has a report of Bed Bugs the General Ma

nager should first call Allstate Pest & Termite Control, Inc. 888-232-5635 for a thorough professional inspection/treatment. Furthermore we instruct and help the guest as to proper control measures before leaving for home. We at Allstate believe that every Ocean City Motel/Hotel wants it's guests to have a great stay and wants you to return but we also believe it is the responsibility of every Motel/Hotel/Landlord to have regular inspections and treatments in place to assure their guests a comfortable/safe nights stay, if they can expect their guests to return.
Ron Zonnak at Allstate

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10/03/10. Days Inn 23rd and Baltimore Ocean City
This hotel was on a registry list for my daughter's lacrosse team's tournament in 0cean City. When we checked in the room had a strange odor. I checked the room for cleanliness and notice the mattresses were brand new. I woke in the middle of the night and my bed was swarming with bed bugs. There was fresh blood spots on the sheet (I assume from my being bit). I woke my daughter and her bed was also swarming. We left the room and went to the

front office. We were upgrade to a suite. When we open the door and turned on the light, the pillows were covered in bed bugs. This hotel is disgusting. It was like something out of a movie.
The clerk on duty offered us another room. I had already decided that I would not step foot into another room in this hotel. The clerk called Howard Johnson's on 12th st who had a room available. By this time it was 4am.
I returned to the Days Inn in the morning and spoke with the GM who claims they were unaware of the problem but that he had viewed the room and there were in fact bedbugs. He credit my credit card for the cost of the room plus some extra for the cost of the luggage I threw out. They also cleaned our clothes.
I would NEVER recommend this hotel. Although we were credit the cost and plus, something tells me the hotel is very aware of the bedbug situation.

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You really should have called Allstate Pest Control in Ocean City they took care of our Motel and handled all the clients for us. Everyone involved was content and we use them now for total protection.

We had a large group (20 rooms) stay at the Days Inn from 8/9/09 to 816/09. Our group took two complete floors poolside as well as some oceanfront rooms. Day 4 new members to our party checked in and found bed bugs in their room on the third floor over looking the pool. More rooms on the third floor had bed bugs as well. We asked that the second floor in the same building be checked by an exterminator. It took 2 days for this to happen. On the second floor one room had bed bug eggs in the

mattress. At least two rooms had fecal matter from bed bugs and another had bed bug casings. Management told us we would have on night deducted from our bill. We are still fighting for this to happen. The people from the third floor weree moved to oceanfront and had their clothes steamed courtsey of the hotel. The room on the second floor with the bed bugs eggs was given a can of raid. Would NEVER stay there again after the way we were treated. We were lied to by managementand now it seems management is never there to take our calls. We had stayed there for 8 summers.

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