Buckingham Hotel
1405 N Baltimore Ave
Ocean City, MD

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Bed bug evidence on mattress cover
Room 222
2 bedroom apartment
I have photos

My boyfriend and I checked in on September 14th, 2015. We were happy with our luck and thought what a cute place! We put our luggage in our room and headed out to catch the Eagles game on TV. We came back close to Midnight, I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. As I was washing my face, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I was sure it was a bedbug. I grabbed it in toilet paper and took it down to the front desk. The front desk attendant didn't act surprised but confirm

ed it was a bed bug and said she needed to call the manager. They apologized, dried our clothes in their commercial dryers, and moved us to another room in a detached portion of the hotel, across the parking lot.

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My husband and I checked in July 2nd at 10:30 pm. We asked the desk attendant if they ever had bed bugs and the man said no. We went up to the room and checked it out first. Pulled back the sheets and looked at the mattress. We saw no signs of bed bugs so we brought our stuff up and went to the board walk. We were informed no one was in the room the day before and the electricity for the rooms only works with a key card in this slot on the wall so it was like 99 degrees in there. We turned the a

ir on before we left and about three hours later we came back and laid on top of the bed to watch TV and my husband saw something on the pillow. We turned the light on to see a bed bug. We flipped the pillow up and found a few more. I out one in a baggie and took it to the desk attendant. She told us we could use their industrial dryers to heat everything we brought (but of course some things couldn't be heated so we tossed them) they offered us another room but we obviously weren't comfortable staying. We took a shower in another room and changed to clean clothes and left at 3:30 am. The next morning the manager called and was very apologetic and said he would refund our money and they were going to fumigate the room and the ones around it. I got on a booking website to see the person who did stay in the room before me told them they thought there was bugs but they didn't find any so they didn't do anything about it. To be fair we didn't see anything either at first but the room was scorching and they hate heat.

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