Admiral Hotel & Motel
9th St & Baltimore Ave
Ocean City, MD

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If you're looking for convenience, the Admiral Hotel is fine. It's close to the OC boardwalk, beach and other amenities. If you're looking for comfort and cleanliness, stay FAR, FAR away! When we booked this hotel through, we thought it was a good deal for just one night. Boy, were we wrong.

First off, the hotel is incredibly dated. Walking up the stairs to our room on the 2nd floor, it felt like walking into another time/place (like your crazy great-aunt who lived with 23 cats an

d rooms filled with stacked of newspapers and empty egg cartons). We opened the door and in hindsight, should've walked back out. The room was small and smelled like a musty basement. The bathroom had linoleum with faux brick tiles from 1972 and the tub/shower drain was in the center of the tub - who does this? Every time you moved in the shower, you had to dodge the drain-hole in the this supposed to be some kind of weird game?

Later in the evening, we found we were not alone in the room- looking around, there were tiny, tiny ants crawling along the windowsills and walls in the bathroom. Where did they come from? I didn't invite them.....but the worst though was the BED BUGS we would find shortly after we fell asleep.

My boyfriend woke up in the middle of the night, first he thought he was over-reacting, but alas, he was not. Waking me up, he pulled back the pillows only to find BED BUGS crawling along the base of the pillow, close to where my head had been just minutes before. He then proceeded to pull back the sheets and guess what? BED BUGS BED BUGS BED BUGS....did I mention that we found effing BED BUGS?

We promptly packed everything back up, leaving the beds pulled apart so the BED BUGS could continue their party without us and walked down to the front desk, where we informed the person on duty that we would not be staying in the room because of the BED BUGS.

The front desk clerk was helpful and did offer us another room on another floor (surely they HAVE to know about the BED BUG situation there). She handed us the key and said we could check it out and if we wanted to stay there, we could. We spent the next 20-30 minutes scouring every possible crack/crevice for potential BED BUGS, but lucky for us, the BED BUG party was only happening in room 251 (at least to our knowledge).

Thankfully, the rest of the evening in our 2nd room was uneventful (save for the continued paranoia that we would be eaten alive by BED BUGS). Fortunately, we escaped the evening with only a few bites, but you can bet that we'll NEVER stay in BED BUG party zone again. We'll take comfort and safe sleeping over convenience from now on.

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We were travalling around the eastcoast of the US for holidays (from Holland) We stayed for 2 nights in the "old" part of the motel room no 101. I got bitten at least 20 times. We didn't report as I at first thought they were sand flee or mosquito bites. After a couple of days the bites were getting worse and worse. I went to see the doctor in Hershey hospital. He recognized the bites as clear bed bug bites and prescriped me prednisone tablets for four days. Finally the bits got somewhat better

but it took over 4 weeks till they were vanished.

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