Sleep Inn & Suites Laurel
10127 Washington Blvd N
Laurel, MD 99999

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in room 121. Checked mattress seam but only on one edge and did not see any sign of bed bugs. Unfortunately I was not thorough and now have bed bug bites and so does my partner. He did react until last night. I am hoping I did not bring them home with me.I did not react until Wednesday night so I already had placed suitcase on the floor of my bedroom.

Found two stage 3 bed bugs crawling on the wall by the headboard. Stripped the sheets off the bed, but didn't find any remnants other than someone else's drool. I kept my luggage on the desk in the room (opposite side).

Not wanting to take chances, I requested a new room and reported the bug sitings. This one had no signs of bed bugs and I woke up with out any bites.

Management was very nice and understanding. They tried to compensate me, but I was leaving too early in the morning for a

ny of the extras they offered.

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