Knights Inn Laurel
3380 Fort Meade Rd
Laurel, MD 20724

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I checked in the Knights Inn on 01192016. That night when I went to sleep, I started iching on my arms and my legs. When I woke up, my arms and legs were swollen really bad from the bed bug bites. I went to the front desk and explained that bed bugs bit me and I needed to change rooms. She didnt have any somking rooms available at the time and told me to come back when I got off from work. Because they should have some than. So when I got off I returned to the front desk and I talked to the supe

rvisor. Told her that I was bitten by bed bugs. I also showed her my marks. She googled it and told me thats not bed bug bites. Thats an allergic reaction. She said when bed bugs bite you, there bites would be 3 beside each other. I said ,no my son has been biten too he has 3 beside each other. They change my room and washed everything that touched the bed. Im going to the hospital today 01212016. Because my bites hurt really bad and they are still swollen. Also, Im getting an attorney and sue them. I will let you all know the outcome.

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Informed manager the room had bed bugs. He put us out in the snow and would not except our money for rent. Anonymous

I initially I got a bite on my leg did not think anything of it once I went to sleep I woke up with a bite from my forehead all the way down to my toes it is very disgusting I told the manager and he did absolutely nothing do night stay there repeat who hey there

I've stayed there and it's all true


most of the people there are also human garbage

so who cares, let them rot in filth and die

You know who this is, and I leave laughing

September 28, 2012, I believe that I got over 400 bed bug bites at Knights Inn. I did not notice the acutal bugs biting me. Unfortunately, did not do the routine mattress check because I was too tired. The bites took a day to swell and turn red, and look a lot like chicken pox (but I had that already), except that there are lines and groupings of bites.

9/7/2011- thought I had an allergic reaction to the moldy room broke out in welts and hives... Then my five yr old got them on her hand and feet. Reported to mgr and he shrugged. Deplorable.

May 2011 Staying at Motel-6 (1/2-mile east of Knights Inn), I switched rooms and suddenly have itchy-bite marks the next day. No visual confirmation of source. Searching for info I found this site. Both Motels are on the N-S East-Coast travel strip, a day south of New York between Baltimore and DC. Use care.

According to review on Google Hotel search, two differnt customers both posted that they had experienced bedbugs at this location. One was dated 9/24/2010 & the other was dated 5/15/2010. When I came to this site & saw no posting for another hotel I was relieved until i checked this one & saw no posting as well so thought I'd help those other travelers out there that may use this site to check the chances of bedbugs being in their hotel bed & not have seen the other reviews.

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