Radisson Hotel Largo Washington DC
9100 Basil Ct
Largo, MD 20774-5373

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I stayed at this nasty hotel on 7/1/2011 (room 327), had a BED BUG in the bed and also was biten by it. Notified front desk along with the manager and GM was given horrible customer service and denied a refund! I will never stay in such an unsanitary and filthy environment again!!!!

monday june 20th. 4 bedbugs spotted in room 517. alerted management

I checked in on 3/1/11. When I entered my room, I checked out the mattress and pillows. All looked good. Later that night, I got into bed about 8pm and watched American Idol. About 10pm, I received a text and looked at my phone. As I turned and looked over, I saw something ut of the corner of my eye on the pillow crawling. I got up and it was a bedbug. I went to call the front desk and the phone did not work. I went to a collegue's room and she came in and we got the plastic bag from the ice

bucket and captured the bug and took it to the front dest. They guy at the desk said..yes, that's a bedbug. they denied any other reports of bugs. I checked out of hotel. The next morning, another collegue reported that a bedbug was on her pillow as well!
The front desk called a maintanence guy and wehn I went back to my room, he was already in there with some sort of light looking in the outlets, headboard ect. I made him go through all of my stuff...which I never unpacked..but had him go through anyway. All the seams..everything. Very gross, and treated my stuff when I got home.

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