Days Inn Lanham
9023 Annapolis Rd
Lanham, MD 20706

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I stayed at Days Inn on 6/30/2013. I went to bed around 1:30am and 20 mins of me laying down I started itching and feeling like I was being bitten by tiny bugs(red ants is what it felt like) when I turn on the light I did notice a small brown bug that's when I knew that this room probably had an infestion of bed bugs. The next day I had close too 10 bites in various places of my body. I am so upset and will be getting in touch with the hotel manager.

I stayed at this Hotel on 6/22/2013 and came in contact with bed bugs at 7:30am, Now we where not in the hotel most of the day and only came back to the room to change to go back out when we returned at 4:30 am... is when we actual laid in the beds by time we fell asleep it was apprx 6am... by 7am or so I was waken by this burning and itching on my neck back and hands ...I thought well maybe mosquito got in the room, so I covered my head to sleep and with in a few minutes I got bit again and fel

t something crawling I got up to find it was a bed bug I know bed bugs because I work for the PA dept of health, I admittedly went to front desk with the bug pix and bites.. The woman said I can only offer you 15% off the room now at this point nothing was mentioned about a refund or anything so I found that to be very odd, But I said I'm very tired not concerned with money at this point I need sleep and I need new room she did so with no problem she said Manger will be in the office in a few minutes... well 1pm came and we were checking out now still at this time no contact was made from Manger to discuss the problem or rectify anything. So today 6/24/2013 11:15am still no contact I called hotel manger SARA PATEL who told me she had no report and will need to call me back we had also made to complaints of the entire 3rd floor smelling of Marijuana she also had no knowledge of. when she did return my call she said I offer you 25% off your room next stay (which I will never stay there again) and we do not have bed bugs I ask do you have the bug that I brought down stairs she would not answer I did advise her that I will contact the state and local offices that would handle bed bug problems and so I paid for a room 110.00 that has beg bugs and a problem with drugs. please I'm telling you this is not a place to have children our stay the weekend (6/8/13) we found condom rappers in elevator beer bottles in parking lot along with used condoms and woman's thongs . My fault I should have knew better then to come back there... learning from my mistakes

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