Red Roof Washington DC BW Parkway
7306 Parkway Dr
Hanover, MD 21076

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My mom started geeting these bites tht turned into whelps and itched like crazy. Well after a few weeks she pulled up her bedspread and there were bugs crawling all over the mattress. her husband has been bombing the house (row home) every week and they seemed to go away but a week later they are back. Its been a month and they still have them but now the whole house is infested. Mom says they r so bad they are seen in the daylight crawlng up the walls and all over the sofa.Her husband had put

off an exterminator even though i told him if you get rid of them as soon as you find them the easier it is to get rid of them for good. Well he is close to getting an exterminator . He is going to bomb one more time . I told him the reaso they keep coming back is because the bombs do not kill the eggs. They are elderly and so you know how well they take the advice of younger people.My mom looks like she has measles its so bad. Can living in a row house make it impossible to rid the house of the bedbugs? They live on Brooklyn avenue in Baltimore MD . You may want to put that on your map.

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january 24 2009

noticed two bed bugs in room 247.

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