La Quinta Inn & Suites Baltimore South
6323 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD 21061-1606

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I stayed la quinta in glen burnie an saw a bug called cleaning she said bed bug got manager he killed it an said that's only one sad to say the next morning. I and my son and mom was bitten up

Stayed at La Quinta in Glen Burnie, MD (Room 226) on 10/28/2010. My wife saw something on the bed which she assumed was a lint or a knat. she swiped at it and it left a streak of blood on the sheet. We stayed the night anyway. The next morning as I was running water in the bathroom sink I noticed a brown bug floating - looked like a rather big bed bug. After this I took a look at the bed and notice no less than 7 blood spots starting from where my legs would have laid all the way up to where my

head was lying on the pillow. Upon closer examination I was able to pull two dead bed bugs off the sheet. I continued searching and found one living brown bug which I caught on a piece of paper and when I squeezed it and there was blood. I also saw a couple of really small very light brown almost colorless bugs on the side of the bed.

We did an initial look before lying down but there wasn't anything that would have suggested bedbugs. The linen was clean things looked well.

The manager didn't charge us for the room (no other compensation was suggested).

He said he pretty much new which room we were in though he hadn't had any other reports. He stated that someone from New Jersey had stayed there previously and the guy set them up.


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