Hampton Inn Baltimore Glen Burnie
6617 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD

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On 06/03/10 I stayed in room 508 -- I had killed a bug in my room earlier in the day but didnt really think much of it. I was in town for a convention downtown Baltimore but chose to stay in Glen Burnie because of the favorable rate. When I returned to my room I was so tired I really gave anything much though. Around 3am I woke up to use the restroom and noticed some blood on my chest -- I would have thought it was a pimple or something like that but then I noticed several bumps all over my s

houlders, my hand, my back and my arm area. Worst area effected was my underarms which made things very difficult for the next several days following. I turned the light on in the room ... took up my sheets.. .lifted the mattress and they were all over the place... I also found them in the headboard. I moved rooms in the middle of the night and basically had to throw away my belongings with the exception of my clothes which I had laundered prior to leaving.

Staff did not handle the situation very well. Manager was not present to report the incident to but I did fill out a survey letting them know of the situation

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