Holiday Inn Gaithersburg
2 Montgomery Village Ave
Gaithersburg, MD

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November 6, 2014, room 337

The morning of our second night there I found a bed bug bite on my left hand, and within the next day 12 more over both hands and my face eventually developed. They inspected the room and could not find anything, but while packing up we saw one crawling on the bed in bright daylight and someone from the hotel came to confirm and get it. Management was very responsive, I asked them to run anything which can stand heat through a hot drier for an hour. They also credit

ed us the two-day stay and paid for lunch while we were waiting. Still, this could not possibly have been just one errant animal, there is something more going on there and I am very concerned about having brought something back. Very glad I took precautions - never unpacked anything, kept clothes in ziplok bags inside the suitcase in the bathroom overnight etc, but you never know.

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The room next to mine, (505), has bed bugs. The guy knocked on mine door at 300 AM and had me come over to confirm if he had been bitten by them and sure enough they were everywhere!

Not sure what to do but I will never stay in a Holiday Inn again. Should I throw all my stuff away? I dont see any in my bed but I know they travel in suitcases and clothes?

I woke up at 4am one morning on our third day at the hotel and turned on the light and noticed a bug on my daughters pillow. I picked it up and threw it in the toilet, came back and saw another bug. After seeing the second bug I then was worried and picked up her pillow and sure enough there were more bugs and blood on the sheets. My husband called the front desk and they asked us if we wanted new sheets or a different room. We chose to pack up and leave the hotel. I am now worried that we coul

d have brought these home with us even though I went straight to the laundromat and washed all of our clothes and threw out our suitcases. It's been a week now and my daughter has about 20 bite marks that have appeared on her arm and hand. This is a nightmare!!!

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Got 3 bites, the manager was very surly but did move me to another room. They subsequently admitted that they found bugs and supposedly have exterminated the room (No. 300)

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