Days Inn and Suites
11100 New Georges Creek Rd Sw
Frostburg, MD 21532

Found 2 reports:

My mother and I booked this hotel over the phone. As soon as we entered we inspected the beds for bed bugs. We found them and thier "evidence" in both beds. We immediately reported it to the staff and they refused to refund us. I remembered someone mentioning this website before and found that there have been other instances after we left and went to a new (and very clean and bed bug free) hotel about ten miles away. The hotel staff did appear to be surprised or alarmed by this report, which is

very unsettling.

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Days Inn and Suites is infested with bed bugs. They refuses to do anything but let the janitor set off foggers. These do not work and have been pointed out to the boss from workers and customers. Please help them with this problem. Customers and workers are carrying these things homes with them.

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