Sleep Inn Frederick
5361 Spectrum Dr
Frederick, MD

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i stayed at this hotel on 2-28-13..i was in room 215 need less to say i left with bedbugs bits ..i told the front desk.. i even showed them a pic.. when i got back home i emailed them said someone would get back to me in 72hrs ..its been 2weeks and still no reply ....

Stayed here December 31, 2012 for one night. Didn't start to notice bites until 9pm on January 1. Called the hotel and they didn't seem to care. I have hundreds of bites on my arms, hands, legs, feet, and neck. It's absolutely miserable.
I wrote a complaint to the hotel and on Trip Advisor. I stayed in room 211.

I found a bug walking on the bed the morning of March 31, 2012. Called the front desk and asked if they had bedbugs they said no, but would send someone to my room to look at the bug. The maintenance guy came to my room looked at the bug said he had seen a bedbug before, but that it was flat. I said that maybe it was engorged then he smashed it and blood went every where. I almost vomitted and want to burst into to tears at the same time. I have about 20 bites (abdomen, neck, and both arms)

. The room is obviously severely infested.

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