Comfort Suites Columbia Gateway
7146 Old Waterloo Rd
Elkridge, MD 21075

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Don't stay here!!! Front desk will not acknowledge their bed bug infestation, asked if I'd like to have a different room and denied my request to recieve a refund. I received my money back after a long dispute with the bank. If I had the time, I would hire an attorney and have this place shut down. Save yourself the problem s and disgust and avoid this hotel

Checked in here as I normally do for business every week or so. I've noticed the quality of this hotel is diminishing substantially. to cut to the chase, I laid down to get some sleep and after an hour or so I felt something crawling on me but tried to just ignore it thinking I was overly tired. It began to get worse so I got up turned on the lights and went to the bathroom. Long behold, there's 3 live bed bugs crawling across my chest and shoulder. I immediately called the front desk and they s

aid they have never seen or heard of that problem here before, however, this hotel was actually on this website previously and I had never known. that will be the last time I ever stay in this hotel. I wouldn't recommend this hotel to my worst enemy. Avoid at all cost!!!

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I stayed at this hotel on the forth floor during the last week of March 2013. I got bedbug bites on my back after my second night. I tore the bed apart and found one exoskeleton which I saved in a plastic bag. There were over fifty bites on my lower back which are still healing two weeks after my stay. I would not advise staying here.

On 12/23 at 4:30am we found a live bedbug crawling on my daughter's pillow. Saved it and took photos. Will report to management ASAP.

Checking into suite 203 at this otherwise very nice hotel on October 30th 2008, I found a bug on the wall next to the bedroom light switch and squished it.

If I had thought "bedbug" right then, turned around and left the hotel immediately, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and itching.

Instead, I went to sleep, and woke up the next morning with itchy arms and a bunch of bugs on me-- some large and brown, some tiny and red, no doubt from sucking my blood. Appropriately enough, it w

as Halloween.

I took a photo and experts confirmed that it is a bedbug:

I had stayed at this hotel four or five times this year without a problem, but when I gave the clerk at the front desk some sample bugs she mentioned that there had recently been a few complaints.

Got a voice mail from a manager of some sort but have not spoken with him personally yet.

Now I am hoping I didn't take any live ones home with me! :(

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