Quality Inn College Park
7200 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD

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I stayed on this Quality Inn from June 24 to 26, 2014. The second day after I checked in, I found some bites on my arms and legs. Initially, I thought those were mosquito bites, because i left the window open during the night. But it went worse for the following days as more bites appears and they were really itchy!!!

After my returning to home I went to Walmart to buy some Itch Eraser in pharmacy, but it didn't help and I found more and more bites. It usually appears two or three at the sam

e time close to each other. Apart from that, the itch almost drive me crazy!! I couldn't fall asleep during the night. After check the internet, I realize my problem----bed bug bite!The symptom are exactly the same as described and the location of the bites are similar to the pictures shown in the web.

This is my first time to know this bed bug. I am from China, there is no such thing in China. And I have been in U.S. for one year and didn't heard of this before. I must have brought the bug back to home from this Inn.

I don't want other people to experience what had happened to me. Really appreciate this website that encourage people to set alert to the manager or other customer to prevent such nightmare from happening again.

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July 4th weekend 2010, I checked in and took a long nap in the room with the curtains shut.

I woke up, and literally found myself staring at a bedbug on the pillow next to my head. It was fat and reddish with my blood. I had bites on my legs come up in the ensuing day.

They offered me another room, but I got the hell out and slept on a friend's couch the rest of the weekend. They refunded me, but it took a good three phone calls.

A friend at the same hotel on the same floor told me

he found one as well.

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