Motel 6
5701 Allentown Rd
Camp Springs, MD

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i rented a room for Dec 25th and 26th on the 25th i noticed these red mosquito looking bums on my back and arms they itched really bad and when u scratch them they swell and welt up ,i thought maybe it was just a spider that had bit me but then the next morning i had even more than the day b4 it was horrible ,i asked to switch rooms immediately and was moved to a different room on the 27th.everyone was looking at me like i had some kind of disease it's so bad ,i'm a entertainer and no one even w

anted me to come near them looking like this i lost out on alot of money because of this situation and still have the marks and huge bumps that itch like crazy to prove it ,i don't want this to happen to any other guest i frequently stay there and never had a problem before until now but i am very upset that they have this problem going on and all i was offered was a night in another room after complaining to numerous people about the matter

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