Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Camp Springs, MD
4950 Mercedes Blvd
Camp Springs, MD

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stayed 5 nights in this hotel mid september for a work conference. After returning home to California a few days later I was covered in bites. At first I was not sure what had bit me but after much research I am convinced it was bedbugs.

I wanted take take this time to address the comment posted by "Anonymous on 09/03/2011. As you are probably aware it is other guests that usually bring bed bugs into our hotel. I wanted to explain to you that this is our first issue of having bedbugs this year at our hotel. As with all infected rooms we have them professionally treated by Ehrich pest control. We also put Bed bug detection slips in all the rooms to be proactive. At this time our hotel is clear of Bedbugs and I ask that this post

ing be removed as the issue has been resolved.

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I stayed at this hotel August 31st, 2011, room 204. After sleeping in the bed all night I woke up and was using my ipad on the bed when a small bug crawled across the screen, I immediately pulled the sheet back and started examining the bed and found one more small bug that was a little reddish. I had never seen a bedbug before so I looked up a photo on my computer and the bugs looked very similar. I immediately put the bugs in a cup and went to the front desk with them. At first the front desk

attendant assured me they were not bedbugs, but I was very persistent as I had a bad feeling. After much pleading with her she finally had about ten housekeepers come up to my room and they lifted the mattress and found one large bedbug and a few more small ones. I was so freaked out! It honestly was one of the worst things that has ever happen to me. Staying in a hotel will never be the same for me and unfortunately I have to travel often for work. The staff was helpful, however I think they should be educated a little more about this serious epidemic that is happening in hotels. I have a few bites on my chest and my thigh and Im just thankful there is not more. My biggest concern was bringing them home with me.. I will checking my bed everyday for a while.

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