LA Quinta Inn
22769 Three Notch Rd
California, MD 20619-3073

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On Friday 03/01/2013 my brother and I had been sharing a room at the La Quinta INN in California MD. Around 10:30 at night we were getting ready for bed and as I went to plug my phone charger into the wall behind the bed I noticed all these black dots on the box spring as I bent down closer I noticed skins of bugs. I pulled my phone out and began to google images of bed bugs. Sure enough the images that came up was what was sitting in front of me. I collected one of the bugs took it to the f

ront desk where he then put the bug in a zip lock bag and put it in the managers inbox. When my brother inspected his bed we found the corners of his box spring loaded with the skins black dots and one live crawling bug. Management moved us to a new room where we inspected and did not find anything. we were checking out the next day and went to my parents room and inspected their mattress and box spring we did not find any live bugs or skins but we did find the black dots in the left corner of the box spring closets to the door. When we returned home I had taken the recommendation of all the websites I stayed up reading after I found the bugs and found that I should not even enter the house with luggage etc. I unloaded luggage outside and put everything in it in the washer in the basement immediately. Things that could not be put in the washer like dress shoes hair clips etc i put in the dryer and heated for 90 mins. things that could not go in the dryer I put in the freezer leather shoes and purses. They sat there for 6 days. Today is the 11th day being home and I thought all was well and I escaped them but last night I started itching and have had bite marks appear on me last night and today they are raised and look like mosquito bites. My husband and daughter who is two and falls asleep in my bed at nap time do not have any bites and are not itchy. I am really hoping that I avoided bringing them in the house and that from what I have read the bites could just now be making their presence known to me. CDC said it can take up to 14 days in some people I pray I am one of them. I just want people to be aware of this so they will not get these pesky bugs. La Quinta apologized to us and compensated us for one night and ensured us they would get an exterminator in.

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