Sleep Inn and Suites Airport
6055 Belle Grove Rd
Brooklyn, MD 21225-3261

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Our stay here was April 6, 2011 and it was the last night of our 8 day trip. I had carefully checked the bed bug registry before planning the trip and did a quick visual check of the room and mattress when we arrived. The room looked clean, and I let that fool me along with letting my guard down because it was our last night. I woke up the next morning with a few welts on my hands that progressively got worse during the day. The bites were 2-3 in a line and itched and hurt for about 2 weeks b

efore they healed. I sleep in wrist splints, so there were no bites under those, but I had bites on my fingers and above the splints on my forearms and a couple on my neck and upper back. I slept in the bed closest to the bathroom, my parents slept in the other bed, but they weren't bitten. After I got home,I called the hotel and told them about it, but I have no idea whether they did anything about it.

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