Residence Inn Bethesda
7335 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814

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Day 1: check in at 12pm by putting luggage in room and go to work. Come back at 5pm room smell like week old garbage. This room as on the second floor. Told front desk and they were like I'm going to check it out with you and if it is than we can switch you. Rep smelled it too and moved me into 604 at 5:30pm. Get in room smelled clean but the room was warm. Checked thermostat it was at 78 but set for 72, dropped it down to 68 and closed blinds to see if temp would change for 30

mins nothing happened so I called for maintenance
So they came to work on it said they will be back in an hour to check that it's working that was at 6pm. I returned 2.5 hrs later and the room was at 74 but was slowly continuing going down so I didn't say anything. By 11pm it was 71 when I went to bed.
Woke up at 4am in a pool of sweat because the room was at 80 when the AC was set to 70. Called the lobby to get a different room immediately while they figure that out. Moved me across the hall in 602.
Checked in with them in the morning at 7am to see what they were going to do for me since I wanted a suite and 602 was a studio. Stated they are going to try and get 604 fixed and would give me a call. Gave my number but never received a call.
Came back to the hotel at 5:30pm on day 2 and spoke to the front desk and they were like we changed the whole unit you are free to move back into 604. Moved back in and the room was cleaned with the bed made and fresh towels.
Feel asleep on top of the sheets and woke up at 3:30 to pull the sheets back and sit on the bed and I notice a little bug so I picked one up with a tissue and disposed of it I sit back down I see another so I smashed it and saw a bunch of blood.
I have never seen a bed bug in my life so I googled it because I know regular bugs don't have enough blood to bleed through sheets like a woman on their period
N turned out it was bed bugs so I hopped out the bed and started flipping sheets and pillows and you see them just crawl big and small.
I have videos of them crawling all over the bed. I will never stay there again!

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