Doubletree Bethesda
8120 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD

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I have stayed in this hotel over 150 nights in the past two years and have never had a problem. It's a fantastic, clean, comfortable hotel.

I once stayed in a hotel in Puerto Rico that I thought had bed bugs. As it turns out, I had bed bugs--I picked them up on an airplane and brought them back into the room.

On behalf of DoubleTree by Hilton Bethesda, please allow me to reach out to you regarding your stay at our property. We take every report of bed bugs very seriously and the reported guest room on 5/23/13 was inspected thoroughly by our approved third party pest elimination service after it was reported. Through the examination the results were found to be negative, finding no trace of any bed bug activity.

We thank you for bringing this to our attention as the safety of our guests and the cl

eanliness of our facility is our top priority.

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I was bitten by across my back and abdomen during my stay from 7-10 May 13 but did did not have a rash until the day after I checked out from the hotel. I have contacted the hotel about my experience.

Found a bed bug crawling across my pillow on 4/4/13 at this hotel. Compared to pictures online to confirm it was indeed a bed bug. I have no bites that I can see yet and can't find signs in mattress but I am not taking any chances and checking out ASAP!

I stayed at this hotel on Sept 9 and 10, 2012, room 604
After I checked out on 9/10 I noticed a couple of itchy bites on my arm, but thought nothing of it.
By Wed 9/11, I found over 100 bites all over my torso and neck.
Had I known when I checked out I would have reported this. I did report it in an email survey from Doubletree but have not heard from them.

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