Residence Inn Baltimore Downtown
17 Light St
Baltimore, MD

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Changed rooms twice due to cleanliness, (the first room had a pubic hair at blood stain on the top of the comforter, upon further inspection we noticed rust stains on mattress, second room had rusty and dirty mattress as well) so questioned if this hotel had bed bugs, management assured us they did not. Should have went with the signs and our gut reaction bc the next morning our 2 year old woke up complaining of itching, she was COVERED in bed bug bites. Took pictures and told management. Th

ey called and had an ambulance come to evaluate our child and shut down the floor we stayed on. It was terrible, and we cut our stay short and left. Had to throw away a ton of personal items for fear of bringing something home with us. Will never stay at this hotel again.

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Checked in on 11/30 at the Residence Inn. I travel frequently for work and have requested this hotel as the staff are lovely and truly accommodating. Unfortunately as we prepared for bed, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye crawling in the bed in the dark. Caught it in a cup and immediately packed up to request a room change. Handed in the cup at the front desk. Not sure what happened with the bed bug or how the hotel addressed the concern as I was never contacted to be updated. Unf

ortunately we no longer feel comfortable staying at this hotel despite their hospitality.

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